AUTODX measures diabetes, infectious, and inflammation parameters quantitatively on an easy-to-use platform. It is suitable for physician offices, laboratories, and more general test settings.


Model NumberEp.414
Dimension16.0 (W) x 27.0 (L) x 28.0 (H)
Weight3.6 Kg
PowerDC 12V adapter (Optional : Ext. battery)
MethodologyBi-chromatic reflectometry
DataO-ID : 100 operator ID
P-ID : Over 10,000 patient ID
Test and QC result : Over 20,000 results
Storage conditionTemperature -20 °C ~ 60 °C, Humidity Max 75 %

Available Test Kits

HbA1c Test Kit

Diabetes /  COVID-19 Underlying condition

D-Dimer Test Kit

Detecting D-Dimer

CRP Test Kit (C-Reactive Protein)

Inflammation / Pneumonia

hs-CRP Test Kit

Detecting hs-CRP

U-Albumin Test Kit

Renal failure

Glycated Albumin Test Kit


AUTODX - Connecting Features