Test Kit is for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) use to determine Glycated Albumin (GA) and Albumin quantitatively from serum or plasma. It is useful at initial assessment, onset of therapy and post-therapeutic monitoring of glycemic control.

HbA1c is used as the most effective marker worldwide for diagnosing diabetes, the recent explosion of research on glycated albumin as a marker for diabetes control has opened a new and deeper level of understanding of how the interactions of this key molecule affect the onset and course of this debilitating disease.  The primary difference between glycated albumin and glycosylated hemoglobin is the life span of the albumin and the hemoglobin respectively. HbA1c as the long-term marker (3–4 months average of blood glucose level) and GA as the short-term marker (2-3 weeks average of blood glucose level), both markers have the advantages of being effective to be tested anytime during the day and could have a powerful impact to improve patient outcome and control the costs of diabetes. If GA testing can be brought into widespread general use, it has the potential to bring about real and significant improvements in diabetes care. It is a more sensitive indicator of short-term variations of glycemic control than HbA1c is during treatment of diabetic patients. Also, HbA1c has a limit point that shows low sensitivity to emergencies, anemia, and dialysis patients, but GA is not affected by these factors so it will become more promising diabetic marker. Patients will be better able to monitor their condition and take better charge of their life choices. Doctors will be able to better predict the status of many of the most debilitating complications of diabetes. Clinics and public health agencies will have a tool that can screen for undiagnosed diabetes and prediabetes, in time to enact measures for prevention and early intervention for the affected individuals.


  Assay Principle
 Boronate affinity chromatography
  Sample type
 Serum, Plasma
  Sample volume
 5 𝛍L
  Test result
 Glycated Albumin, Albumin
  Test range
- Glycated Albumin : 8 ~ 28 %
- Albumin : 20 ~ 80 g/L
  Total Assay time
-  Glycated Albumin : < 7 minutes
- Albumin : < 3 minutes
  Detection time
 5 seconds
  Reference analyzer
 Beckman coulter
  Storage condition
- R1, R2 : 2 ~ 10 ℃
- W1, W2 : 15 ~ 35 ℃

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