Test Kit is for In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) use to determine Urine albumin (U-Albumin) quantitatively from human urine. It is useful to screen early kidney disease and response to treatment with a chronic disease like diabetes. 

  • Screening early kidney disease
  • Immuno-assay (flow-through)
  • High-throughput more than 60 tests/hour


  Assay Principle
Immuno-assay (flow-through)
  Sample type
  Sample volume
25 𝛍L
  Test result
  Test range
3.5 ~ 200 mg/L
  Assay time
< 4 minutes
  Reference analyzer
Beckman coulter
  Storage condition
R1, R2, R3, and cartridge: 2 ~ 10 ℃


AnalyzerEpithod®AutoDxE0M100AnalyzerStandard carton
Test Kits
Epithod® U-Albumin Test Kit
E1C80045 tests/kit
(*) Special cold packing

U-Albumin control solutionE0Q80025 tests, 2 levels
(*) Special cold packing
Capillary tube
AUX0015 μL, 200 pcs/pack
Standard carton

Constant volume pipette
AUX10125 μL, 1 pcStandard carton

Safety lancet
AUX20128 gauge, 100 pcs/pack
Standard carton

Pipette tipsAUX301Yellow tip, 1,000 pcs/packStandard carton

Thermal printer paperAUX4015 rolls/packStandard carton

Barcode readerAUX402RQSTStandard carton

External batteryAUX403RQSTStandard carton